I have a PhD in Education.

Currently I´m interested in the contextualized literacies, such as media literacy, and multiliteracies in the digital mediated world, curriculum and policy research, and media education.

Doctoral dissertation

Developing a Theory of Conceptual Contextualisation of Competence-based Education: A Qualitative Study of Multiliteracy in the Finnish Curriculum Framework

In my doctroral dissertation I explored Competence-based education (CBE) and transversal competence from a conceptual perspective. I focused on the transversal competence of multiliteracy within the Finnish curricular framework of basic education. Based on the analyses I developed a theory of conceptual contextualisation. The results provide conceptual tools to understand, develop and implement a competence-based curriculum.

In this video I introduce and discuss the main topics and contents of my academic dissertation.

Research articles

Disciplinary contextualisation of transversal competence in Finnish local curricula: the case of multiliteracy, mathematics, and social studies

In this peer-reviewed research article, together with Dr. Pekka Mertala, we focused on the relationship between transversal competences and individual disciplines. In this article, we present the results of a study focusing on how the transversal competence of multiliteracy is contextually defined in Finnish local curricula in the disciplines of mathematics and social studies. The article offers new insights into the discussion between content- and competence-based educations by introducing the concept of disciplinary contextualisation.

Media literacy as a cross-sectoral phenomenon: Media education in Finnish ministerial-level policies

Finland has often appeared as a frontrunner in promoting media literacy, especially from the perspective of national-level policies and structures. In this study, together with Saara Salomaa, we broaden the knowledge about media education in the Finnish policy framework. The results suggest that media education and media literacy are addressed widely across the different administrative sectors and there is variance how the concepts are presented in the policies. In the article, we identify and discuss eight frames of media literacy. Based on the results, we highlight the importance of nuanced understanding of the meanings and limits of media education and research-based policy development.

Multiliteracies in local curricula: conceptual contextualizations of transversal competence in the finnish curricular framework

In this peer-reviewed research article, together with Dr. Pekka Mertala, we analysed the ways in which multiliteracy as a transversal competence, has been conceptually contextualized in the Finnish local curricula for basic education.

In the article we highlight the ways in which broadly defined competences can be contextualised to local settings. In addition, the study offers new insights into the ways in which the concept of multiliteracy can be understood.

Behind the concepts of multiliteracies and media literacy in the renewed Finnish core curriculum: A systematic literature review of peer-reviewed research

In this systematic literature review, together with Prof. Heli Ruokamo, we examine the research literature on media literacy and multiliteracies, and analyse the varying definitions of the two concepts.

We present a theoretical framework for conceptualising media literacies based on their abstraction levels. The article aims to facilitate understanding of the concept and its operationalisation in research and practice.

Other publications

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