First blog: Inspired to explore and connect

This is my first blog post. How exciting!

During my PhD studies, I always wondered and speculated the possibility to write outside the formal academic or professional contexts. However, I felt that it would distract my focus from the essentials and decided to postpone the idea. I get enthusiastic quite easily so there was a true risk that new forum would take the lead and occupy a large proportion of my time and effort.

After finishing my doctoral studies, I had the chance to read a very supportive book by Johanna Isosävi and Camilla Lindholm “After the PhD: a guide to academic career” (2021) (in Finnish). I loved how concretely the authors discussed the meaning and possibilities of blogging and it inspired me to try it out. 

For me, the main reasons to write is to learn, deepen my understanding, explore new topics and fields and to connect with others.

In this blog, I´ll follow current event and themes of my main interests, such as:

  • Competence-based education & transversal competences 
  • Developments in education policy
  • Literacy studies & broadening literacy conceptions, such as media literacy, digital literacy and multiliteracies

To broaden the scope a little further (with a little twist), I’ll most likely explore some topics about running and technology as well.

I hope this blog is a place to reflect and develop thinking. A flexible forum can open possibilities for new ideas, perspectives and discussion, so please, you are welcome to leave a comment and share your thoughts. 

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